QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration and Customization

Many of QuickBooks Customers are not satisfied with QuickBooks features because it does not provide the things the way they would like to have. Often, additional applications are used to supplement QuickBooks. Sometimes, a complementary application is used to manage data in ways that are unique to a particular industry. In other cases, the adjunct application enters and stores the QuickBooks data differently, for example, on a per-client or per-location basis. In these examples, large quantities of important data need to be entered twice, resulting in extra work and potential errors, both of which cost time and money. We are one of the leading offshore development company in India with over 8 years of experience developing QuickBooks Integrated Applications and Web Services using Microsoft .NET framework. Rennovation Software,India supports integration with any of the following QuickBooks products (Release 2002 and beyond):

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier (and industry-specific editions)
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Edition (and industry-specific editions)
  • QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE)
  • QuickBooks Simple Start Edition (beginning with QuickBooks 2006 and SDK 5.0)

We support integration of  U.S., Canadian, and UK editions of QuickBooks products.

Service Offered related to QuickBooks Integration

  • Customized Projects in QuickBooks.
  • Develop software products which are integrated with QuickBook.
  • Maintenance of existing software products.
  • User Interface development.
  • Generating Customized Reports as per as Client Requirement.
  • Data migration into and from QuickBooks.
  • Multiple Company Journal Entry and Reporting Systems.

Advantages of QuickBooks Integrated Application

  • Keep the small-business owner in control - The small-business owner (or the administrator for the business) authorizes the connection between your application and QuickBooks. The small-business owner also sets up permissions for authorized users and access rights for each third-party application.
  • Provide robust mechanisms to protect data - The QuickBooks SDK provides strong error recovery, data logging, and synchronization facilities to ensure that data is not lost or destroyed and that application data remains synchronized with QuickBooks data.
  • Use existing programming standards - The QuickBooks SDK uses standard COM interfaces and XML formats. As a result, it is compatible with most programming languages.
  • Adhere to a single specification for the entire SDK - Except where noted, the QuickBooks products use the same qbXML specification. The content and behavior of the request and response messages is consistent across products, which simplifies your task if you decide to port your application from one QuickBooks product to another.